Blogoturf... all you need to know about turf

If you are a horse racing enthusiast then you are in the right place. Here we speak of grass or more clearly of all that touches it from near or far. Different categories have been disseminated throughout the site to guarantee you the best in turf. This has been done to provide you with comfort and a sure pleasure in front of all our shopping. Of course, as a blog, the exchange will be rigorous and you will be the center.

The turf : what is it?

The turf is based as a sport especially horse. Within this framework, it groups together three specific disciplines. First of all, there is the dish. This is the most generic form in the turf concept. This course is generally between 1 and 4 km and it is the first who crosses the finish line who wins the race. After that, there is the obstacle course which follows the same principles as the flat race. Except that here, the course is much longer with many more pitfalls. This will give all the more difficulty to the horses. Finally, there is the trot which is a discipline other than the previous two. Here, the horse will have to travel the whole distance without ever going to the gallop.

How do bets work?

Here you will be able to bet on horse racing as you see fit. As a bet, the steps will be the same as elsewhere. Indeed, you will have to subscribe to a bookmaker specialized in turf. The rules of choice of this bookmaker will not be the same as usual which makes it necessary to be careful to select it well. Once you have registered, make a deposit on a personal account. It is from the sum that you have on your account that you will be able to make bets thereafter. It is by taking into account the odds that you will choose your horse. After that, you will only have to amuse yourself and win big.

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