What is the purpose of a horse saddle?

Riding has always been a sport that has fascinated horse lovers. If before, riders did not need to put saddles on their horses, currently these tools prove to be essential in riding centers. The question is then, what are the values of the latter and how to choose them?

Why use a saddle for horses?

Yes it's true why not just ride and gallop with the animal? This reasoning is quite possible to achieve. However, the saddle has been specially designed to protect the back of the animal because it will have to support all your weight. Thanks to the saddle, your weight will be cushioned and this will allow your horse to gallop freely. Therefore, if you do not put the animal will get tired very quickly. He could also rear up and refuse to move forward. In the worst case, your horse will feel uncomfortable after a few strolls and will try to disarm you or eject you where the need for a saddle. The latter will also dampen the jolts that you can cause without realizing it on the back of your horse. It will also allow you to sit comfortably without tiring the animal and without any risk of causing injury on his back.

How to choose the adapted saddle?

Indeed the choice of the saddle is a step that must not be neglected. If you choose a saddle that is not adapted to your horse then it may have serious injuries on the back, but also on the odds. You must first choose the saddle based on the activity you plan to do with your horse. If you are jumping or doing exercises then you should opt for the saddles quarters that have the elements necessary to properly maintain your legs. If you want to go for a walk or hikes then you can use the outdoor saddle which padding is wide enough and allows you to spread your weight on the horse's back. You are strongly advised to use used saddles for sale that have already been adapted to the jumper's morphology rather than using a new saddle that you will still have to tame to your body.

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